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Barricade Fence & Deck is a family owned and operated company that has over 19 years of experience in the fence & deck industry.

My name is Jeff Kephart and my wife's name is Suzie.  We have three wonderful children. Madison, Payton and Jacob.  Family means the most to us.  We started this company to provide quality service with a family feel.  We Have 2 crazy labradoodles and 1 kitty.  We Know how important Fur families are to us and realize if you are looking for a fence for your Fur family, We understand the importance of its function. 

   Install, Restore, Maintain, Stain and Clean all types of Fences and Decks.

We install all types of fencing for your home or business. Whether it's to keep a family pet in your yard, have a barrier fence around your yard or swimming pool, Keep unwanted people or animals out of your property or just for aesthetics.

   Install, reface all types of decks and railing.  Knowledgeable on all the latest and best products.  

  We want you to feel comfortable throughout the entire process.  That is our goal.

If this is what you are looking for ........WE ARE... your company.

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